What to Serve With Beef Wellington

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Beef Wellington with sides

Beef Wellington is a rich, complex dish that marries many flavors and textures. Selecting what to serve with it can be challenging; the dishes need to complement the array of tastes without competing with them.

Beef Wellington Side Dish Guidelines

Side dishes can sometimes share the stage with an entrée, but as evidenced by the recipe for Beef Wellington, the main dish will reign as the star of the meal, no matter what else is served alongside it. Traditional sides for simple beef entrees like chateaubriand or standing rib roast like creamy scalloped potatoes, sauced vegetables or pasta are too heavy to serve with this dish. Their flavors would compete with the entrée's richness. Even the customary side of bread is redundant when served alongside a pastry-crusted entrée.

7 Suggested Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetables can add a dash of color to the presentation of Beef Wellington, which is needed to offset the dark, earthy colors of the beef and its coatings. Keep simplicity in mind when looking for a vegetable side dish to serve with this dish.

7 Starch-Based Sides to Consider

Although fancy potato dishes are too cloying to be served with Beef Wellington, simply prepared ones are perfect additions to the meal.

7 Combination Side Dish Ideas

Consider serving a side that combines veggies (or even fruit) with a starch. You won't want to serve a heavy casserole, but there are a number of combination side dish options to consider pairing with Beef Wellington.

  • Celery root and potato puree is a fancier option that basic mashed potatoes. Garnish it with fresh chives for an extra dash of color.
  • Cranberry rice is an interesting pairing for this rich dish, particularly if you are serving it for a holiday or New Year's Eve celebration.
  • Risotto with mushrooms is an elegant side dish pairing for this main course. Top it off with shaved truffles for a super-special, upscale touch.
  • A side dish that pairs Brussels sprouts with sweet potatoes is a flavorful and nutritious accompaniment for this main dish.
  • Add a bit of a sweet flavor to your savory beef main course with a side dish featuring the unique combination of baked sweet potatoes and raisins.
  • A vegetable and rice medley that pairs white rice with carrots, peas, celery and onions is an interesting accompaniment for Beef Wellington.
  • Combine new potatoes with bell pepper, zucchini and mushrooms for a flavorful oven roasted potato and vegetable dish that goes perfectly with this beef entrée.

New Ideas

If you are looking for new side dish ideas for Beef Wellington, look online for a restaurant that serves the dish and check out their menu to see what they list or suggest to be served with it. Or, if you want to cast a wider net and search for even more options, looking for relatively simple sides that will effectively partner with the rich flavor of this complex and delectable dish.

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What to Serve With Beef Wellington