Shun Kitchen Knives Pictures

Shun Kitchen Knives

Known for their superb blade strength, stain resistance and incredible cutting performance, Shun kitchen knives are used by both professionals and discerning home chefs. The wavy pattern on these metal blades is called a "Damascus look," and involves 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel which are then pounded to 3/1000th of an inch and then "clad" on each side of the core.

Shun kitchen knives are some of the world's best cutlery - these knives are meant to last a lifetime!

8" Ken Onion Chef Knife

When Shun asked Ken Onion to design a line of cutlery, he spent several years studying chefs in action so that he could create a knife that accommodated people of any size and left-right orientation. What resulted is a beautiful (and comfortable!) work of art. The Shun Onion 8-inch kitchen knife will quickly become your favorite.

6 1/2" Shun Nakiri

This knife is shaped in the traditional Japanese tradition, with a flat edge and straight hilt. This 6 1/2-inch super-sharp knife was designed expressly for chopping in the Japanese style.

8" Chinese Chef's Cleaver

Need to chop thick vegetables in style? This powerful tool will make short work of almost any job you put it to. Measuring an impressive 7 3/4-inches, the Chinese chef's cleaver is for serious cooks.

Alton Brown

Food Network star Alton Brown has his own line of Shun knives, which he designed with a unique, 10-degree angle. This design feature ensures firm contact with the cutting board and allows you to keep a good grip on the knife, and saves your knuckles by keeping them out of harm's way!

The Shun Pro Mandolin

If you need a serious mandolin, look no further than Shun. This impressive piece of kitchen equipment will produce slices, julienne cuts, shoestrings, and much more. The single bevel sashimi-style blade creates the cleanest possible cut, allowing it to far outperform the competition.

The Ken Onion Collection

A designer of impressive hunting knives, Ken Onion takes his work very seriously. Known for high quality and a discerning eye, Onion's Shun series is made with both form and functionality in mind. These knives were designed for maximum ergonomics for people of any height, and can be used by either left or right-handed chefs.

Alton Brown's Angled Santoku

This 5 1/2-inch santoku is an all purpose knife for slicing and chopping. Design by Alton Brown, the 10-degree angle enhances safety while allowing for maximum control.

6" Ultimate Utility (U2)

16 layers of steel and a beautiful PakkaWood handle make this utility knife a must-have for serious kitchen enthusiasts. The serrated blade is great as an all-around slicing workhorse, while the rounded tip makes it an ideal spreader.

This knife makes a perfect gift for tough-to-shop-for culinary loved ones.

Ken Onion Butcher Block

If you're looking to make an investment in your cooking equipment, consider going all out and buying a complete set of Shun knives. You'll get everything you need for every possible kitchen task, such as cutting fruit and cheese.

And besides its superb functionality, this set will look dead sexy on any counter top.

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Shun Kitchen Knives Pictures