Microplane Zester

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Perfect lemon zest can really make a dish.
Perfect lemon zest can really make a dish.

A Microplane zester is a must-have for any gourmet kitchen. This precision instrument will have you making picture-perfect citrus zest in no time, without accidentally grating your fingertips! Microplanes aren't just sharp, they're easy and fun to use, and make a gorgeous addition to your kitchen.

What Is a Microplane Zester?

Microplane zesters are made from the company's signature surgical grade stainless steel, which works well at creating perfect zest without grating down into the bitter white pith. Microplane tools are covered with tiny edges that are razor sharp. Instead of stamped blades like your standard zesters have, these blades are photo-etched and super sharp.

Different Kinds of Microplane Zesters

Microplane offers a wide range of grating tools, including several different choices made especially for making zest for garnishes and flavoring:

The Combo Zester and Grater

The Combo Zester and Grater is a combination tool that excels at not only making citrus zest, but also grating other fine foods, such as cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and spices. This versatile grater can be used for many kitchen tasks and cleans up easily after a quick soaking. It even works for grating large blocks of rock salt!

The Microplane The Ultimate Citrus Tool 2.0

The Ultimate Citrus Tool 2.0 features a flat, wide construction that allows you to make quick work of citrus fruits. More surface area means that you can work faster to make zest from large fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, and Meyer lemons. The soft grip lets you work quickly without fatigue, and ensure that you won't lose your grip and accidentally grate something other than the fruit at hand.

It also includes two decorative garnishing blades on the side of the tool, which allow you to make gorgeous garnishes in seconds.

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Microplane Zester