Gourmet Gift Spice Collection

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Paula Deen Spice Collection
Paula Deen Spice Collection

If you've been wondering what to get the chef in your life for a gift, consider a gourmet gift spice collection. Gourmet spices are sure to be appreciated by amateur and professional chefs alike.

Gourmet Spices

Spices are a must have in every kitchen. A good spice can liven up or enhance any meal, and the best spices are those that are powerful, flavorful and versatile.

Gourmet spices include a wide range of products aimed at both professional and amateur chefs. A sampling of gourmet spices may include:

  • Prepackaged spice blends
  • Spices aimed at a specific food item, such as spices for chili, or spices for filet mignon
  • Single origin spices where the quality can be traced
  • Unusual spices that aren't found in the local grocery store

Why Give Spices as a Gift

Spices make a wonderful present for anyone with a passion for cooking and gourmet food. Gourmet gift spice collections are perfect for giving to any gourmand for the following reasons:

  • Gourmet gift spices come prepackaged in attractive bundles
  • Proprietary blends that can't be found elsewhere are frequently packaged in gift sets
  • Gourmet spice blends are excellent choices for beginning chefs who appreciate quality ingredients
  • Spices can be difficult to find in some regions, making a gourmet spice gift additionally appreciated.

Types of Spices Available as Gifts

Spices are can be an enormous category filled with herbs, plants and seeds. Gift sets are frequently broken into categories that make it easier to for you to shop for what your recipient will most appreciate.

Pepper Samplers

Ground black pepper may be on every restaurant table, but it's far from the only peppercorn out there. A pepper sampler filled with eight or nine different types of pepper can let the recipient experiment and find the one that works best for them.

Regional Blends

From Herb de Provence to Brazilian spice blends, gourmet spice gifts can be purchased by region. If the recipient is in love with the foods from a specific culture, surprise them with the means to make these meals at home.


Truffle salt, Celtic sea salt or rock salt; there are countless varieties of this versatile spice. Enliven someone's palette with a gift of gourmet salts.

Spice Blends and Rubs

Some seasonings were meant to be used together, with the perfect blend striking just the right balance in a dish. Prepackaged spice blends and rubs allow a busy cook to quickly add just what's called for and nothing else.

Complete Spice Racks

So many kitchens are missing the basic spice rack, filled with the essentials for good, gourmet cooking. A complete spice rack filled with nothing but the most flavorful of gourmet spices can be the perfect gift for any gourmand.

Where to Purchase a Gourmet Gift Spice Collection

There are a number of retailers available for purchasing a gift set of gourmet spices. Have them delivered to you or directly to the recipient.

  • Dean & Deluca - A well known name in the gourmet kitchen, Dean & Deluca sells many varieties of gourmet spices and gift sets.
  • Penzeys Spices - With over 250 herbs and seasoning blends, Penzeys Spices are sure to deliver exactly what you are looking for.
  • Urban Herbs Online - A large variety of gift spice boxes makes it easy for you to find exactly the right gift at Urban Herbs Online.
  • Two Snooty Chefs - With both spice collections and a spice of the month gift option, Two Snooty Chefs is sure to have what every chef wants.

A gourmet gift spice collection is the perfect addition to any kitchen. No matter if the recipient has a passing interest in gourmet cooking, or a passion for the foods, spices can make a fantastic gift.

Gourmet Gift Spice Collection