Profile of Chef Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay promoting his book, Humble Pie.

With a larger than life personality, Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself both in the culinary world and as an international television personality.

Gordon Ramsay: His Humble Beginnings

Gordon Ramsay is of Scottish descent, but grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon. In his early years cooking was the last thing on his mind. Rather, it looked as if he was going to become a professional soccer player. Unfortunately for him, (but fortunately for the culinary world), Ramsay suffered several injuries which eventually kept him off the soccer field. He then went to school to earn a degree in hotel management. His love of gourmet food brought him to the kitchen where he studied under many Michelin-starred chefs both in London and in Paris.

Gordon Ramsay on Television

What seems to attract so many to watch Ramsay is his hotheaded temper. Cashing in on being brazenly bold, Ramsay has produced and starred in a number of television shows in both the UK and in the United States:

  • The F-Word-A show about food where Ramsay shares recipes and talks about food.
  • Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares-Ramsay takes on restaurants in need of serious help and tries to help the owners turn the restaurant around a make a profit. This was produced in both the UK and the United States.
  • Hell's Kitchen-Gordon Ramsay takes on some hopeful protégés and pits them in a group competition where they must work in the Hell's Kitchen to serve the best meals. Like other reality style television shows, someone gets eliminated every week.

Ramsay's trademark is that he is particularly harsh criticizing the participants in his show by demeaning them in addition to his use of profanity. Surprisingly, he has an extremely high retention rate of sous-chefs. Despite that his own staff have called the cops on him, he still has an 85% loyalty rate which is very good in the chef world.

Gordon Ramsay Scandals

If there's one thing that viewers love, it's a good scandal and Gordon Ramsay certainly delivers. As if issuing non-stop profanities and insults wasn't enough to launch him into stardom, he also:

  • has allegedly had an affair (although he denies it and has promoted himself as a dedicated family man)
  • has been accused of faking the conditions on his show (for which he won a settlement in court because the allegations couldn't be proven)
  • charged for lewd conduct (Ramsay insists that it was just a mistake and charges were dropped)
  • charged for driving under the influence of alcohol-the chargers for this were also dropped

Despite having been allegedly involved in a variety of scandalous behavior, Gordon Ramsay has also won Celebrity Father of the Year and is noted as a devoted family man.

Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd. is the company that is the business arm for all of his endeavors. While he stars in several reality television shows he also owns a slew of restaurants from the UK, to LA to Dubai. He is one of only a few chefs in the UK to have earned not just one of the coveted Michelin stars but three. Like him or hate him, Gordon Ramsay has made his mark on the culinary world and has had a substantial impact in restaurant services.

Profile of Chef Gordon Ramsay