Gourmet Cooking With Seafood

Article Highlight: What Is The Best Way to Cook Lobster Tail?

Many people love lobster, but most don't serve it at home since they don't have a sure-fire way to prepare it, preferring to go to a fancy restaurant instead. But you can serve lobster tail at home for a special… Keep reading »

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Seafood medley of shrimp, scallops, mussels and fresh fish over a bed of vegetables

Do you wonder what Mahi Mahi is? Do you want to know how to stuff crabmeat in mushrooms? Put your chef hat on because you're about to dive into the wonderful world of seafood culinary delights. Get the know-how on choosing your seafood, getting recipes and even cooking tips. Knowing what you want to create is only half the battle, cooking it to perfection is a true show of mastery.

Choosing Your Seafood

Knowing how to choose seafood is half of the gourmet's experience. Not only is the goal to choose the freshest, best available seafood--but you also want to choose and pair your seafood well with other dishes and beverages. Since seafood is so popular, it's important to know what to look for and what you're getting to make sure you get the best quality seafood for your dollar. After all, your dish will only be as good as your ingredients!

Getting Seafood Recipes

Are you looking for a perfect smoked salmon dip? Do you want to create mouth-watering clams casino? Find those scrumptious recipes to wow your seafaring crowd. Whether you are cooking fish, shrimp or lobster, make sure your table is set with the most delicious delicacies.

Cooking Crab

Crab is on the menu. Don't stand in your kitchen and wonder how you should prepare it. Get recipes for delectable cold crab sandwiches or avocado stuffed with crabmeat. You might also try your hand at crab cheese rangoon or crab cheese wontons. Don't let those snow crab legs go to waste either, cook them to perfection.

Sampling Shrimp

There's more than just throwing shrimp on the barbie! While you might try grilled shrimp kabobs, you can also learn different shrimp marinade recipes and shrimp bisque. And what would shrimp be without that garlic butter sauce? Get all the recipes you need to satisfy your family.

Loving Lobster

If you're talking seafood, you definitely need to sink your teeth into lobster. Make sure to give your taste buds a treat through recipes like lobster souffle or lobster bisque. It's a one-two punch right to the mouth!

Seafood Cooking Tips and Tricks

You've got your seafood. You've got the recipe. Your creation is still a flop. Make sure your recipe comes out right every time by getting the how-tos for cooking seafood. Not only will you get the recipe for how to make coconut shrimp, you'll get pivotal information for how to cook it to perfection. Dive in to how to cook scallops or smoke a salmon. Get important tips on ways you can serve crab legs. Don't let those delicious morsels go to waste.

Seafaring Seafood Event

Grilled tuna steaks might be just what the crowd is calling for. Make sure that you take your cooking game to the top level through getting all the recipes and cooking tips to create perfection. Have your crowd wowing your cooking craftiness in no time flat.

Gourmet Cooking With Seafood