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Learning how to make chocolate from cacao beans, not from cocoa powder, can be a bit daunting at first. It takes patience, sometimes hard-to-locate ingredients, and good directions. But once you have the basics… Keep reading »

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Chocolate truffles are delicious.

What Would You LoveToKnow About Gourmet Chocolate?

Gourmet chocolate is a guilty pleasure in which many indulge. What exactly makes chocolate gourmet? Is there a difference between chocolate branded as gourmet and the kind you buy at the grocery store in the "baked goods" aisle.

Gourmet Chocolate Is Decadent

From the very beginning, gourmet chocolate is decadent. It all starts with the cocoa nibs being harvested in the best and most natural way possible. Don't forget that cocoa nibs cannot come from anywhere-the best chocolate is produced in tropical climates.

The cocoa is then processed and from there it is made into delicious candies and chocolate products such as truffles, bars, and other filled candies.

Gourmet Chocolate Is Rich

Chocolate candy that is worthy of the term "gourmet", is made with the best possible ingredients. After the cocoa nibs, butter fat and sometimes milk are added to the product before it becomes in its final form. Using the best possible ingredients gourmet chocolatiers use artisanal methods to create a truly rich product.

Can People Taste the Difference?

Like most things that bear the distinction of being gourmet, the proof is in the taste. From Max Brenner's chocolateria in New York City, to chocolate artisans, the taste of a truly gourmet piece of chocolate is unmistakable.

You already love chocolate; become acquainted with the fun facts about this decadent treat. From the ancient Mexican cultures that used it in a spicy drink to today's candy bars, confectioneries, and decadent desserts - gourmet chocolate has always been, and will likely always be a treat for the discerning palette.

Gourmet Chocolate