Article Highlight: How Is Swiss Cheese Made?

Swiss cheese is a generic term in North America, Australia and New Zealand that describes cheese with large holes in it. In reality, Swiss cheese can be one of a variety of holey cheeses including Emmental (referred… Keep reading »

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Learn what's involved in cheese making, including the overall process of making cheese. You'll also find specific instructions for making goat's milk cheese, feta, and mozzarella.

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Find out how to make baked brie and a selection of additional delicious appetizers featuring brie. Also discover how to make your own feta cheese dressing and tasty blue cheese mousse.

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Discover a variety of fun and interesting facts about cheese, including the history of cheddar cheese and how Swiss cheese is made. Find out about different types of cheese, including various kinds of French cheese, marscapone, Gruyère, blue cheese and more.

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