Gourmet Vanilla Options from Watkins

Vanilla Bean

In a world where many people are watching what they eat organic products like Watkins Vanilla are highly prized in the home kitchen.

The Watkins Company and All Natural Products

For over 100 years the Watkins Company has been a natural-living pioneer. Watkins is the original natural medicine producer and has been using only the finest ingredients since their company began. They offer a very diverse collection of products for home and health including the much enjoyed Watkins Vanilla. The company has been producing a high-standard of natural products under the same strict standards the founder set forth in 1868. The company is also dedicated to minimizing its carbon footprint by utilizing "responsible manufacturing" techniques.

What Makes Watkins Vanilla Special

Many don't realize that vanilla, in fact, is the most popular flavoring in the world today. The vanilla bean is definitely a high-priced gourmet item where just one bean can cost over $9.00 in US currency. There is not much yield out of one bean. Producers of vanilla extracts and flavorings have gone through a lot of trouble to extract the scent and taste of vanilla and create high quality alternatives to using the actual bean.

Watkins Vanilla is made from only the best all-natural Madagascar vanilla bean and not the less prized Mexican variety. Watkins uses special fortifiers and all natural flavors in order to create the best flavors possible that have won them many awards over the years. The process to make Watkins Vanilla also makes it a very versatile product. Their vanilla can be frozen, can be baked and can be bought double strength so less goes a long way.

The Varieties of Vanilla and Purchasing

Watkins produces three types of vanilla extract products and each meets all of the company's strict codes of quality and manufacturing. The company itself has sold over 13 million gallons of vanilla extract since they began manufacturing it in 1868. Restaurants all over the world use Watkins vanilla due to its high quality flavor.

Original Double Strength Vanilla Extract

Original Double Strength Vanilla Extract

Watkins first introduced original double strength vanilla in 1895. Just 33 years later they won the Gold Medal for Highest Quality in Paris at the International Exposition. Original double strength is created with the best Madagascar vanilla beans and fortifiers. The flavor is concentrated to give the best results possible for every batch produced as there is less alcohol added to it. The product is good enough to maintain its perfect vanilla flavor even when baked at high temperatures.

This product is available online directly from Watkins and is sold as:

  • 2 oz at $4.79
  • 11 oz at $16.99
  • Gallon at $179.99

Clear Double Strength Imitation Vanilla Extract

Clear Double Strength Imitation Vanilla Extract

The natural color of vanilla extract is a very dark brown that is close to being black. Vanilla is often used in baking and as such should be able to withstand heat or cold without losing its quality. In addition, bakers often want a product that will not mar the beautiful white of their icing or batter. Adding real vanilla to a classic buttercream icing gives it a brownish tint, while using a clear imitation vanilla product maintains the white or creamy color. This vanilla-flavored line from Watkins is such a product. The flavor team at Watkins worked hard to create a flavoring that is as close as possible to the real taste of the vanilla bean.

You can purchase this brand of vanilla online as well and is sold as:

  • 11 oz at $10.99
  • 2 oz at $3.49
  • Gallon at $69.99

Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Watkins prides itself on being the best producers of vanilla extract in the world. Most vanilla beans are found whole from $3.00 to $9.00 a bean. Many other producers use the cheaper beans to create brands but Watkins only uses the best of the crops to create the best product. This variety of vanilla is aged like a fine wine to produce the best flavors and there are no added preservatives or additives. This pure variety is not recommended for high-heat use as the flavors can be damaged. This makes the brand perfect for cold dessert making as found in mousse, flans and crème brulee.

Watkins sells this as:

  • 1 oz at $5.99
  • 2 oz at $7.99
  • 11 oz at $21.99
  • Gallon at $199.99

Uses of Vanilla

A little bit of vanilla goes a long way in your cooking and baking needs. You can make your own homemade whipped cream by whipping up heavy cream and adding a splash of vanilla extract to it. Try dipping fresh fruits in it for a nice dessert. The extract can also be used to flavor chocolate, baked in cakes or to make flavorful flans.

Gourmet Vanilla Options from Watkins