Types of Exotic Fruit

Types of Exotic Fruit

There are many different types of exotic fruit in the world. Every region has its own selection of trees that bear a variety of luscious, colorful edibles. What most people consider "exotic" usually comes from tropical areas, though technically anything unfamiliar to you is exotic - including something from just a few miles away!


Mangosteens are a very interesting fruit. Growing mostly in South East Asia, these small red balls pop open to yield a sweet and tangy white flesh on the inside. But be careful, because the dark red casings will stain anything they touch!

Kiwano Melon

Kiwano melons, also known as "horned melons," originally grew in Africa, though they have been successfully cultivated in California and New Zealand as well. Actually a member of the cucumber family, the kiwano tastes like a combination of cucumber, banana, and lemon.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruits are native to South America, but also grow in India, Indonesia, Hawaii, and other similar places. This sour fruit is often mixed in with other fruits to add "bite."


Lychee (pronounced lee-chee) is an Asian fruit that can be found in China, Vietnam, Nepal, and neighboring countries. Lychee is a popular flavoring for Chinese and Japanese soft drinks, and the white flesh makes a wonderful sweet snack when eaten raw. The consistency of the flesh is similar to a peeled grape.

Star Fruit

The star fruit, or carambola, has a star-like shape when sliced width-wise. Hailing from South East Asian, this sweet-tart fruit makes a great snack, and is also an impressive decoration for your fruit platters!

Acai Berries

Acai berries have recently become popular for their high antioxidant content. Growing in Central and South America, this fruit is dark purple and is used to flavor drinks, smoothies, and ice creams.


Another native of South East Asia, the durian is notorious for its smell. When cut open it releases an odor that some find quite unpleasant, and can be compared to dirty socks. While some people find the taste off-putting, many enjoy it's creamy flesh.


The papaya, or pawpaw, is originally from Mexico. This sweet, mild fruit has a flesh texture similar to a soft melon, and is a popular addition to fruit salads and smoothies.


Also known as the Queen's fruit, the dragonfruit is a very sweet fruit that has an impressive aesthetic. The outside is a colorful pink and green, while the inside is white with tiny black seeds. The flesh tastes and feels very similar to a kiwi, though the taste is more mild.

You can generally pick up one of these exotic fruits in South East Asian. Eat it plain, or slice it up and make it a simple addition to a gourmet breakfast!

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Types of Exotic Fruit